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April 20, 2016
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May 3, 2016
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Salutations to the workers of Egypt on Labour Day


As Labour Day approaches, we (the signatories) salute the workers of Egypt who are considered the powerhouse of the 25th. of January Revolution who ignited its spark.

The military regime continues to systematically abuse the rights of workers and exploit their efforts and achievements. From the very start of the military coup of the 3rd of July, 2013, the military dictatorship passed legislation that deprives workers from their social and financial rights. The ‘Law for Civil Services’ was enforced despite its rejection from all labour sectors because it deprives workers from some of their most basic rights.

As long as the military continue to take control of Egypt’s economy, equality in investment and employment opportunities are compromised. Because of the military coup, investors lost interest in investing in Egypt and 8,000 factories have either been shut down or are in critical financial situations. 6 million workers became unemployed during the two years of the military coup and unemployment figures have reached an alarming 13 million which threatens every Egyptian family and new graduates.

To the workers of Egypt who are demanding their rights:

The goals of our revolution will be achieved with your persistence in demanding freedom and human dignity.

The success of our revolution is our only assurance for re-opening our factories which the military’s policies resulted in their closure despite receiving financial aid that amounts to 200 billion.

The success of our revolution is our only assurance to regain our waters, our natural gas resources in the Mediterranean and our islands that the military has given away.

Your perseverance and persistence to demand your legitimate rights is the way for the success of our revolution that you sparked through your peaceful struggle; you are the hope for its success and for Egypt to provide for its people’s needs.

On this occasion, we extend our greetings to all labour syndicates that continue to demand for labour rights and protect labour interests. We urge all labour syndicates and movements to unite and protect their independence with what is appropriate to serve all labour sectors.

We reiterate our loyalty to the labour martyrs who presented their lives for their beloved country and for humanity.


Labourers Against the Coup Movement

I Want My Right Movement

First of May Movement

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council

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