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20 year sentence handed down to Morsi is strongly condemned


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Monday, October 24, 2016

Press statement


20 year sentence handed down to Morsi is strongly condemned


In a press release, the ERC today strongly condemned the 20 year sentence handed down to Egypt’s first freely elected civilian president Dr Muhammed Morsi by the military regime in Cairo.


Dr Maha Azzam, Head of the ERC said in a statement “This is a kangaroo trial which has been condemned in the strongest possible terms by Amnesty International as a travesty of due process and judicial impartiality. Not only is General Sisi demolishing the Egyptian economy with frightening haste through sheer ineptitude, not only is he creating a swell of massive popular resentment through the barbaric repression of his security apparatus which will inevitably lead to dire results, but additionally by passing this sentence against President Morsi who still enjoys well over 50% support from the population despite being in illegal custody for three years, according to a recent poll, Sisi is taunting the Egyptian population in a way that may ultimately lead to severe instability.”


“It is noteworthy that General Sisi would not have been able to do any of these things; destroy the economy, imprison 40,000 political dissidents, rape and torture political opponents or sentence a still widely popular president to a long term in jail had he not felt sure of the uncritical backing of western democracies, who must now acknowledge that they have some responsibility for the events unfolding in Egypt; and should they continue to support General Sisi, they will be held to account by their own citizens for any regional instability that may result and which will inevitably spill over to Europe either through a greater influx of refugees or, God forbid, further acts of mindless terrorism”


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