The ERC offers its heartfelt congratulations to the people and government of Turkey

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July 16, 2016
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The ERC offers its heartfelt congratulations to the people and government of Turkey


The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) congratulates the Turkish people, President and Government on successfully upholding democracy, the legitimacy of elected government and president, and defeating the attempted coup on the Republic of Turkey.

The Turkish people, ignoring their safety and upholding their right to self-determination, bravely took to the streets on the night of the 15th of July, 2016, to stand in solidarity with their legitimate president and government in response to a call for mobilisation from President Erdogan which was broadcast on Turkish media.

The ERC salutes the Turkish people who refused to cave in to the attempted coup that would have reversed Turkey’s freedoms and prosperity.

The ERC salutes the patriotic Turkish Armed Forces that refused to support the coup, and dealt with this crime with professionalism and honour by upholding the values of democracy.

In this regard, Dr Maha Azzam, Head of the ERC, says, “The ERC will never accept anything less than the return of the legitimate government to power in Egypt and the triumph democracy there, in the same way that Turkey’s population – whether those who elected the president and government or those who opposed them – insisted on the triumph of democracy over an armed coup”.

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